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I wish I had read these reviews before hiring LogoLoft for my project. Although I am happy with the logo they created, their customer service and printing leaves a lot to be desired.

I spent far too much time babysitting my project for the amount of money I paid them. My "account rep" failed to return my phone calls and emails 99% of the time, and it took forever to get my business cards. When I called to find out why the cards hadn't arrived, I was told that the order had apparently never been processed. They printed and shipped them quickly, but unfortunately, the color was incorrect.

So I sent them back to have them reprinted and once again, had to wait too long to receive them. When I called to find out where they were, I was told that the printer had broken and that the print shop had failed to communicate that information to the account supervisor. When I tried to tell the supervisor about my problems with the account rep not returning my calls and/or email messages, he didn't apologize or offer any solutions. He simply said that she's always done a great job and that it didn't make any sense that she would have dropped the ball on my project.

I explained that unless he could assign a new account rep that would take better care of our project. we would not be using them for future jobs. He did not offer to change our rep, but simply kept making excuses and acting as though my claims of poor customer service were fabricated.

Needless to say, I will not be using LogoLoft for any future projects. Their "print shop" is a joke and their customer service is terrible.

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Just noticed this morning that and are back up and running!


The Company Michael Shull (Logo Loft Designer) works for now is Media Storm. If you look at the website I think it is the same location Logo Loft was in.


I also hired Logo Loft to do a Logo and 5 page Web Design. They finally got a Logo I liked but didn't finish the Web Design I paid for.

Can't we do a class action Law Suit and try to get some money back?

Michael Shull is working at another Logo Design firm in that area, wonder if they also rip people off? :(


does anyone know who to contact to get money refunded for incomplete work these *(&^holes did?

Omaha, Nebraska, United States #228933

Need to get a hold of Aaron Carr and the Logo Loft? It has re-emerged as Uncommon Logo.

Check out the website for uncommon logo and compare it to the logo loft, which is surprisingly still up. It's the same template and pictures and the business location is in the same city/state.

Chojnice, Pomorskie, Poland #218289

This is to Very Disappointed and Same Experience: please read my post about this company. I am NOT the individual who sent the email to Same Experience.

My name is being dragged through the mud by these people, and I am going to take steps to rectify this situation. I am truly sorry that you got wrapped up with this company.




I just tried to contact my old rep at logo loft. It appears they HAVE GONE OUT OF BUSINESS.

That really sucks. They sent me a logo that was missing some files we need for professional printing. We missed it in the final download. We have zero recourse at this point.

All emails are coming back undelivered. All phone lines have been disconnected.


OMG -- they have been working on a website for me for a YEAR!!!!! Nobody ever gets back to me via email and now I can't even log on.

Every time I call, the message says they are closed. Grrrr!!!! I am so frustrated with them! Making a complaint to BBB, too!

A year??????? Come on!!!!!!!!!!

Sardinia, Ohio, United States #205091

I'm very disappointed. I haven't heard back from them regarding my website in the last 2 weeks and I paid $899 for the package deal!

I put in a complaint with BBB. I wish I would have checked BBB before going with them!


I invested 2586.00 in website development and these half *** only did a *** five page design that I had to baby sit they *** on what I want. This is *** ridiculous I reported their *** to BBB and my bank and the local news.

The should have never *** with me because now I will make sure they will give me my money back. I'm on plane to AL right now!


The LOGO LOFT is PSYCHO!!! They lie and pass you on to one person to another!

They do a good job for the most part but they spend more time on lying and providing half *** customer service. Don't use them you will spend more time trying to get them to fix their mistakes than it is worth!

THEY SUCK. Check out their reputation on the BBB Alabama, they have countless complaints..


Reading the above complaint about The Logo Loft - it is as if this person copied my complaint to the Better Business Bureau and posted it. I had the exact same problem, these people had terrible customer service terrible. In fact here is the conversation on website :

ME: "Purchased business cards, stationary and letter head on 11/24/2009. Expressed that I needed the items ASAP and would pay what ever fees needed to be paid. Spoke with Michael Shull - very professional gent assured me that he would get back to me with a quote several times, never did. By 12/27 there still was no quote and I asked them to cancel my order, order was still not refunded by todaya 1/26 - called VISA and disputed the amount for 894.35. Before taking these actions I called and emailed The Logoloft several times with no responce, I even emailed - supposely the vice president and with absolutely no responce. Extreamly frustrated with this companies lack of customer service and follow up. I would like to see the 894.35 refunded to my Visa. Additionally I am thinking of opening a logo design and printing business in Montogomery Alabama as it would be very easy to provide higher quality customer service. "

LogoLoft: "All items have been approved, printed and shipped for this client. I am not sure what the quote would be for but there is no refund to give on a "quote". Nor is there any reason to complain to the BBB that you didnt receive your "quote". If there are other issues that are not stated here please let us know"

ME: "This is completely unacceptable.

First off, you reply to the Better Business Bureau, but have not once gotten back to me once in order to solve the issue and this is after I have sent several emails and called several times.

Second the items were NOT approved and Michael Shull told me that he would get back to me regarding a quote to have everything expedited (its been two months).

Third, yes you did ship out the stationary out, but I received it on 1/29/10 and the order was put in 11/24/09 - you shipped it out only after I opened a case with the Better Business Bureau and contested the charge on my VISA card, that take a lot of balls to do something like that and then claim ''oh, I sent it out'' (see tracking information below).

Finally because The Logo Loft is so incompetent the phone number and domain on the stationary is completely wrong!!!!! (I will be happy to send photos of the stationary with the incorrect information) our domain is and phone number is 555-555-5555.

We will not pay for this; the evidence on both the fact that you shipped the items after I opened the case with the BBB / VISA and the fact that you have both our domain and phone number completely incorrect most definitely puts this case in our favor.

Additionally VISA is going to process a chargeback, if you The Logoloft, consent the chargeback and are found to be in the wrong, then VISA will charge you an additional $500.00. Bottom line we (******) are going to get the money refunded to us, we can do it the easy way or the hard way.

From: David McLain


8161 Vaughn Rd

Montgomery, AL 36116

(334) 356 - 8902

Ship Date: 27Jan10

ActWgt: 15.4 LB MAN

System# 650476/CAFE2361

Account: S 348298445

Under the bar code is the number:

TRK# (9612019) 6546988 60401294


LogoLoft: "Client APPROVED their stationery. It is the CLIENTS responsibility to proof their work. We print what the client approves. We have done nothing wrong and are confident that VISA will find in our favor. If you are open to completing the project I can assign you to a manager that work directly with you throughout the rest of the process to ensure everything is done just as you require. If you decide to pursue a chargeback we will no longer be able to do anything for you once it is settled. "


Client did not APPROVE the stationary.


You only sent out the stationary the day after I opened a case with VISA and the Better Business Bureau. This was two months after we paid.


You still have not called us back once to rectify the customer complaint (Terrible Customer Service)


Just spoke with VISA they are waiting for you to respond still, you have till 2/26/09 - if your not going to respond to me at least get back to them.


Our marketing director is starting a blog about this incident and the customer service that has been provided to us by The Logo Loft.


Case was closed, they did not get back to VISA, and our money was refunded. Point is I have never experienced such terrible customer service and flat out dishonesty. They didnt even do a good job of trying to get away with it.

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