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The logo loft is a scary company.They pass on their problems to one another and no one understands what is going on.

It is like everyone who works there either is on work release or rides on a small yellow bus. The frustration I have experienced dealing with this company goes beyond any comprehension. It is better you shot yourself in the head before hiring these retards to do work for you. Be afraid, very afraid.

You can explain to them what you want until you are blue in the face and they will just transfer you to the next account manger who is more clueless than the next.

I am going to the BBB with my complaints because I have tried to reason with them and they just pass you on to the next account manager who is more clueless than the next.They SUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Im gonna get this fuckng Aaron guy one way or another. He *** ripped me off


They took my money at that last minute...I had a funny feeling when the owner answered the phone to take my order.

The owners name is Aaron Carr. Well anyways he told me oh don't worry will design you a logo and have it printed in no time. Well I keep calling and emailing and nothing, Well its been 4 months and nothing........ What a scam artist.

How do I get my money back.

805-657-3376 please someone help me.Thank you Cameron Marsala


If you paid with a credit card for their services, best way to get your money back is to do a charge back. It worked for me.


I never got my final I've discovered they're out of there any way to get my files?I can see the final renditions, but have no way of getting them.

We're a non-profit and I spent $600 on 3 logos of which I received none.

Please help...I just want my files.


Opti Print is "The Logo Loft"...and they are working on a company called "MediaStorm".


I found those crooks...They are going by the name: Aaron Carr answered the phone!

7851 Vaughn Rd

Montgomery, AL 36116

(334) 396-4680

Will someone please start a Class Action Lawsuit against them...They stole $1500 from us and maybe millions from all of the customers they stole from!


I wasted $999 for NOTHING in return.Their logo design people are the most uncreative I've ever encountered.

I would have done better with a grade school kid. It's too late to get my money back. It's a sleazy way to do business, especially when they're up and running as another company.

Then they have the nerve to act religious.Disgusting.


Dorry so late, last contact email for logoloft is

Omaha, Nebraska, United States #228936

Not only is Logo Loft not in business, it has re-emerged as Uncommon Logo. Check out the website for uncommon logo and compare it to the logo loft, which is surprisingly still up. It's the same template and pictures and the business location is in the same city/state.

Bushbury, England, United Kingdom #211709

JP - do you have an email address for these guys?

My artwork is complete/approved. I just need the files so I can move on.

Thanks in advance for any help.


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