Scotch Plains, New Jersey
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I used them for my logo and they did a good job. I did have the first draft within 4 business days, as promised. The problem occurred when I ordered business cards. They charged me on 1/4/08 and weeks went by before I heard anything. I contacted them via e-mail 3 times and did not receive a response. It was at that time I did a little investigating and found out I was certainly not the only customer who was burned by them. They have over 125+ complaints filed against them by the BBB of Alabama.

I threatened them with legal action and a chargeback. Finally, I received my business cards.

There is no doubt in my mind that I never would

have received the cards if I hadn't raised such

a stink.

As a small business owner, it was very stressful to have to deal with this issue on top of everything else. I would warn anyone I could about this company.

Monetary Loss: $50.

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Logo Loft is BACK!!! Just noticed this morning that and are back up and running! I guess they are trying to screw more people over!


DONT USE THEM. Just like everyone else, i ordered a logo package and had many problems.

they came through with the logo fairly quickly but when it came time for the animated logo and website they just dropped the ball, no communication at all, got the run around from a half dozen of their employees then finally had to get my credit card to refund after months of nothing. BEWARE!

Advance, North Carolina, United States #138792

Well it looks like the logo loft doesn't learn form their mistakes and feel it is ok to put people off and not deliver their product. I have been waiting for my product for approx 5 months now, and still haven't completed the transaction.

It seems the only way to get my product is too threaten with legal action as some of the other consumers had to do.

I definately wouldn't use these people for any future jobs.

They also have had major problems in following my instructions and delivering the projects.



The Logo Loft in Alabama is a terrible company. They charged my card and never performed any service!

Trying to get my money back is why I'm here... to let people know they are CROOKS!


Sandi I feel horrible for you being named the way you are I have no doubt that you own a great company but the one people complain about is the worst company I have personally ever dealt with I had to threaten with a lawsuit to get my money back

Basingstoke, England, United Kingdom #25452

I am the owner of "The Logo Loft, Inc." I am located in Silverdale, WA with a satellite office in Charlotte, NC. I am a Promotional Items distributor selling logo enhanced products such as shirts, pens, coffee mugs, awards, etc.

I am in NO WAY affiliated with the logo design firm stated in the comments on this site. Their web address is and mine is If you research the 2 companies you will find that there is no affiliation what so ever! While I do understand people have a right to post complaints for me it can be quite frustrating when I am not involved and have been named! I am not the same company as “The Logo Loft”…..I am “The Logo Loft, Inc.” a very reputable company with excellent customer service and quality products.

Please do not mistake me for them! Thanks, Sandi Hunter

Krasnodon, Luhans'ka Oblast', Ukraine #19683

I paid the logo loft to do my logo, stationary and website, it took them 2 weeks to make a generic logo when they said it would take 3 days and they never did my website though they charged me for everything in a package and now they wont issue a refund so i am out a 1000 dollars, have no logo, no website and no stationary. I have tried speaking with them several times as i am getting the run around and no one wants to help me from their company.

I have always spoken with them nicely and never over stepped any boundries which is also why i am not sure why they just wont issue me the refund i am due. I have since disputed with my credit card and am still waiting for weeks now to hear from the "supervisor" who is never around to accept my phone calls.

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